Finance & Accounts Outsourcing

The Finance & Accounts process is the most important aspect for an organization. It included recording of a transaction till it's reporting, preparation of Reports, etc. Most organizations today are outsourcing the F&A Process to professionals and focusing more on their businesses. The process is headed by a Qualified Chartered Accountant with the requisite team that approach the business by understanding the environment in which it's operates, performing the required functions, generating client deliverable's and timely reporting.

The F&A Outsourcing service benefits the business in a lot of ways:

  1. Significant Financial Savings: The real and foremost benefit of outsourcing the accounting is the reduction in cost. The outsourcing means that you will pay only when you need the service. 
  2. Management by Experts: Having outsourcing the process, you will have the access to expert advice and confidence that the recording and reporting meets the financial and regulatory standards. The process will be overseen by a experience Chartered Accountant, and second level review by partner.
  3. Meeting Compliance Requirements: Regulatory challenges impact businesses on a daily basis. More and more changes are made everyday. Organizations have to focus on their core business, hence it is difficult for them to keep up with all these change on a daily basis. Our Team member's are up-to-date on all the latest regulatory requirements and ensure that all the necessary returns are files timely. 
  4. Detailed Reporting and Analysis: Most of the business require monthly reports to monitor their business efficiently. Our deliverables ensure that detailed reporting is provided to the management on timely basis that includes monthly Statement of Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement.

We have two service delivery models:

  1. Managed Offsite: Here the services are provided and managed through our premises. Most of the clients prefer this delivery model. The documents are taken through a secured and encrypted medium and reports are prepared as per the clients' requirements and compliance procedures are done thereafter. Backup of the data is taken on a daily basis. 
  2. Managed Onsite: Here a small team will be deployed at the premises of the client and the monitoring will be done by the team leader. Reviews will be made by the partners and timely deliverables will be done.

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