Accounting, Finance, Bookkeeping, Auditing, Taxation

About Us

At MSSA Advisors Private Limited (MAPL), we are committed in providing solutions to businesses globally. We believe in encouraging ideas that create value for our clients. Our experienced team has the willingness to go the extra mile in achieving results, with deep focus on quality. We try to present the most complex problems with the simplest solutions. 

At MAPL, we work extensively on the human resources, since they are the real assets for our business and our clients. Whether they are experienced or newcomers, we treat them equally and try to maintain a better work-life balance for everyone. 

Our Service offerings include:

  1. Accounting & Bookkeeping 
  2. Taxation Services
  3. Internal Audit Services
  4. Compliance
  5. Advisory Services

Our Team comprises of experienced Chartered Accountants along with qualified and semi-qualified assistants who are serving our clients with best in class services. To connect with us for our service offerings, contact us:

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